Cheap Car Insurance in Indiana

Uninsured motorist coverage is mandatory in the state of Indiana unless you specify, in writing, that you don’t wish to have it. Although some people believe that forgoing this type of car insurance will save them money, there are ways to curb the costs without cutting corners on the level of coverage you really need. Some easy and effective ways to save money by finding discount car insurance include:

•Pay all your expenses on time. Your credit report has an impact on many things including your car insurance rates. If you are viewed as a credit risk you can expect to pay more for your car insurance premiums. Ensure that you pay all bills by the due date and check your credit report periodically for any irregularities.

•Increase the level of your deductible. Most people believe that having a low deductible will save them money should they ever need to pay it after an accident or a claim. This is actually true however having a lower deductible also means higher premiums. Ask your agent to raise your deductible and you’ll notice an immediate drop in the price of your car insurance.

•Join a carpool or purchase a public transportation pass. Not only will it help you lower your car maintenance expenses if you drive less, but you can expect to see a drop in your car insurance rates too. Most insurance companies offer lower rates to clients who drive fewer miles each year.

Whenever you purchase a new car insurance policy be certain to review it closely. Also, every time it’s due for renewal, seek out a few new quotes. Car insurance rates can fluctuate quite a bit from one insurance company to another, so it’s wise to always be certain that the rate you are paying is indeed the lowest rate available.